What methods chemical treatment of industrial wastewater treatment equipment

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Hello, everyone, today small make up to take you to understand about the industrial sewage treatment equipment chemical treatment methods, with the continuous development of society, environmental pollution is also increasing, how to treat industrial sewage has become a common concern of the society. About the treatment of industrial sewage mainly through physical treatment method, chemical treatment method, physical and chemical treatment method, biological treatment method and other methods, today we introduce the chemical treatment method of industrial sewage treatment.

Industrial sewage treatment equipment

Ozone treatment of wastewater. Ozone treatment of wastewater is a method of purifying and disinfecting wastewater by using ozone as oxidant. The wastewater treated in this way USES air or oxygen containing low concentrations of ozone. Ozone is a highly unstable and easily decomposed oxidant, which needs to be manufactured on site. The process facilities are mainly composed of ozone generator and gas-water contact equipment.

Oxidation treatment of wastewater. Oxidation treatment of wastewater is a method to purify wastewater by oxidizing and decomposing pollutants in wastewater with strong oxidant. Strong oxidant can degrade the organic matter in the waste water into simple inorganic matter step by step. It can also oxidize the pollutant dissolved in the water into insoluble substance which is easy to be separated from the water.

Chemical precipitation treatment of wastewater. Wastewater chemical precipitation treatment method is a method of purifying wastewater by adding soluble chemical agents to the wastewater and making it react with inorganic pollutants in ionic state to form insoluble or insoluble compounds. The principle of chemical precipitation method is to change dissolved heavy metals in wastewater into water-insoluble heavy metal compounds through chemical reactions, and remove precipitates from aqueous solution through filtration and separation, including neutralization precipitation method, sulfide precipitation method and ferrite co-precipitation method.

Chemical treatment is to separate and remove the dissolved and colloidal pollutants in wastewater or convert them into harmless substances by chemical reaction and mass transfer. Treatment units based on chemical reaction by adding agents include coagulation, neutralization and REDOX. Treatment units based on mass transfer include extraction, stripping, stripping, adsorption, ion exchange, electroosmosis and reverse osmosis.

Today we will take you to understand so much, there are other problems about industrial sewage treatment equipment welcome to inquire oh, xiaobian wish you work smoothly, happy mood!