Power battery recycling and treatment equipment

Power battery recycling and treatment equipment

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Attrezzatura per il riciclaggio delle batterie elettriche:

Equipment Name:
Recycling and treatment equipment for power batteries, 

positive and negative lithium battery treatment and recycling equipment for automobiles

Guangdong Qintaisheng Intelligent Technology Co.

The future of recycling and treatment facilities for power batteries:

Although electrification has been seen by many car manufacturers as a major development direction for the future,

 the existing power battery end-of-life recycling chain is still a considerable shortfall.

Fortunately, Guangdong Q Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has taken into account the future demand for EV power battery 

scrapping and has developed and produced power battery recycling equipment that can dismantle and recycle the batteries.

Introduction of power battery recycling equipment.

The recycling equipment of power battery will put the battery cores into the loading station of the recycling equipment of new energy 

vehicle battery, then the rewinding machine of the recycling equipment of power battery will completely separate the battery cores into 

three parts: positive pole piece, negative pole piece and diaphragm and place them separately, according to the size of the battery pack

 core pack positioning, rewinding and shifting the load mechanism, splitting the surface attached protective film, 

splitting the core negative pole piece, winding the recycling protective film, splitting the pole The eight processing functions are 

integrated into one machine, which is used for the recycling and processing of power batteries. New energy vehicle battery recycling 

and processing equipment

Process flow of recycling and treatment equipment for power batteries:

6.1 Pre-positioned core robot: take the core from the incoming material line, then put it on the core positioning platform, 

then move it to the first film division mechanism, and finally to the negative film division mechanism.

6.2 Loading: the incoming material must be in one direction, to ensure that the incoming material is in the same direction 

before the equipment can work normally (the film bonding must be free of peeling).

6.3 Core positioning: the surface film must be free of damage and lumps after the core is placed on the positioning platform, 

and no two pieces of material are pasted together on the side of the core.

6.4 Dividing the first film: the first film will be cut and divided by heating high temperature,

 then the suction cup will suck the film at the divided end, and the auxiliary film clamping mechanism will clamp the film 

sucked at the separated end and pan to the dividing negative film station.

6.5 Dividing negative film: the auxiliary film clamping mechanism sucks in the film delivered by the film clamping mechanism, 

the dividing mechanism of negative film sucks in the negative film and rotates it into the negative film recycling drum, 

the film pulling mechanism comes to clamp the film on the negative film recycling station of the suction film, the negative film 

and the film pulling mechanism run simultaneously (the clamping core mechanism discharges the electrode at the same time).

6.6 Recovery of positive electrode film: contains upper/lower suction cup and upper/lower hot pressing mechanism, 

positioning of positive electrode film, recovery of positive electrode film drum. The upper/lower hot pressing principle separates 

the upper and lower films, the upper suction cup separates the upper film, the lower suction cup separates the lower film, 

the winder rolls up the upper and lower films respectively, and the film pulling mechanism pulls the cathode film into the

 cathode film recovery drum.

6.7 The two pole pieces are recovered and placed in the positive and negative pole piece recovery box.

6.8 The entire power cell recycling and processing equipment has a detection system, control system and judgement system in 

addition to the mechanical recycling and sheeting

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