Introduction and quotation of water reuse equipment in the community

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Reclaimed water reuse refers to the various types of drainage after use in residential buildings or residential quarters, such as domestic drainage, cooling water and rainwater, which are properly treated and returned to buildings or residential quarters as a water supply system for miscellaneous water. The use of reclaimed water can effectively utilize and save limited and valuable fresh water resources, reduce pollution and wastewater discharge, reduce pollution of water environment, and alleviate the overload of urban sewers. It has obvious social, environmental and economic benefits.

The reclaimed water treatment process determines the optimal treatment process based on the amount of sewage water and the water quality and quantity required for reuse, taking into account economic and technical parameters.

Zhongshui has three treatment methods depending on the application.

1. One is to treat it to the standard of drinking water and directly reuse it in daily life, that is, to achieve direct recycling of water resources. This treatment is suitable for areas where water resources are extremely scarce, but the investment is high and the process is complicated.

2. The other is the standard for treating it to non-potable water, mainly for water that is not in direct contact with the human body, such as washing of toilets, ground, car washing, greening, fire fighting, industrial water, etc. The usual medium water treatment method.

3. In the industry, the industrial wastewater that meets the external standard can be reprocessed by using the water reuse technology. Generally, softener, RO, EDI/mixed bed and other equipment are added to make the softened water, purified water and ultrapure water. At the level, industrial recycling can be carried out to achieve the purpose of saving capital and protecting the environment.

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