Why should water treatment be pretreated with raw water?

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In the water treatment industry, sales people are often asked by customers: Why do you want to give me the pre-treatment equipment in front of you, is this not necessary? Some customers don’t want the pre-processing equipment in order to reduce costs. Is this really ok?

Raw water pretreatment is also called water pretreatment in the water industry. In water treatment, advanced treatment systems often have certain water quality requirements for influent water. In order to prolong the cycle and service life of the system and prevent system damage, the influent water quality is generally improved as much as possible. The raw water can only meet the water quality requirements of the influent water system after the proper pretreatment. Different pretreatment methods are adopted according to the content of suspended particles, carbonate hardness, organic matter content, free chlorine and the like in the raw water.

The necessity of pretreatment of raw water:

Whether using an ion exchange system directly or first using electrodialysis (EDI), plus a reverse osmosis system, ordinary tap water, ground water or industrial water often fails to meet the requirements of ion exchange resins or reverse osmosis membranes for smear. Water requirements. The raw water can only meet the water quality requirements of the influent water preparation system after proper pretreatment.

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