Advantages of working with PCB board laminating foam machines

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Paste auxiliary material foam machine is occupying the vast market, paste auxiliary material foam machine with high efficiency, simple and easy to operate, mainly used in PCB board high-precision paste backing auxiliary material, paste auxiliary material foam machine greatly reduces the human and material resources, also let the operation speed increased a lot, paste auxiliary material foam machine system using advanced motor and drive, to ensure the accuracy and stability of high-speed label feeding and label cutting, the effect of labeling Also need to pay attention to, and to save the amount of glue, save costs.
The labeling machine uses a flat surface for labeling, which can be applied to all kinds of flat surfaces and can be placed on multiple suction heads to enhance work efficiency.
Suitable for self-adhesive labels, dry adhesive film, electronic supervision code, barcode, two-dimensional code labels, etc. High stability, good labeling effect, no bubbles, no wrinkles, labeling accuracy 0.1mm.

Flexible application: the same machine can realize the flat labeling of many types of products, such as PCB boards, mobile phones, hardware, camera modules, speakers, etc. It can be equipped with automatic feeding mechanism, which can be produced by a single machine or connected to an assembly line; it can improve efficiency and reduce manpower. The machine is equipped with
Power saving function, production number setting prompt function, parameter setting protection function, convenient production management, different products labeling switching parameters system one key to achieve, no repeated debugging, simple and fast, and has a perfect

Fault indication and online monitoring with real-time feedback on the working status of each mechanism;
Tracking, but also has no object not labeling, no label automatic correction, automatic detection and other functions, labeling standard accurate, high precision, can adapt to different label size, different material production environment requirements, durable.Safety and hygiene: the whole machine is made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plug steel, each part is heat-treated at high temperature, oxidation plating, baking paint and other beautiful and generous, the surface is neat and hygienic, the transmission part is designed according to CE and related safety, production requirements, in line with GMP excellent manufacturing standards;