Take a look at the advantages of a fully automatic PCB board attaching auxiliary material machine

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Take you to understand the advantages of PCB board automatic labeling machine

PCB board fully automatic sticker auxiliary material machine is suitable for a variety of SMT industry need to stick stickers, auxiliary materials, bar codes,

 foam, high-temperature adhesive paper circuit board, multiple suction head can be attached to multiple labels at the same time, greatly improving the production efficiency of enterprises, optional ribbon coding machine and inkjet printer, to achieve the printing of information on the label, to achieve labeling, inkjet integration.


1.PCB board automatic labeling auxiliary material machine small size, small volume, small footprint, both can save the cost of enterprise workshop infrastructure, for the production workshop wiring restrictions are small, according to the production line line body situation for flow switching, provides a great convenience

2. PCB board automatic paste auxiliary material machine is very wide range of use, even for circuit boards, including bar codes, QR codes and anti-counterfeit labels. Industry insiders say that the fully automatic PCB board labelling auxiliary machine can release the production process faster.

3. long service life, the machine is generally composed of 304 stainless steel, PLC man-machine control, simple operation, easy to clean, PCB board automatic paste auxiliary material machine corrosion resistance, not easy to rust, the parts have a long service life, no hair loss.

Take you to understand the advantages of the PCB board automatic paste auxiliary material machine

4. PCB board automatic paste auxiliary material machine for large size and ultra-small size (3 * 3mm) material positioning, can ensure that the suction nozzle every time can take the material positive centre, for the placement accuracy and take the material success rate to provide a good stability.

5. Efficient production, compared with manual marking, the marking consumes less resources, has a higher production and recycling efficiency, and can save material costs, standard with the head of high-definition CCD for code reading, special circumstances can also be used according to customer demand special barcode scanner for code reading

The above is the non-standard automatic labeling machine manufacturers to introduce you on the advantages of taking you to understand the PCB board automatic labeling auxiliary material machine, I hope it will help you.