Automatic industrial boiler softening water equipment features

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The main function of the pretreatment equipment (softening water equipment) is to ensure that the reverse osmosis equipment is not corroded. In this way, it can effectively avoid the accumulation of a large amount of scale in the pipeline, affecting the infection efficiency and reducing the heating effect. The equipment adopts the most advanced in the world. The technology has the characteristics of small footprint, high work efficiency and long service life, and is a popular product in the water treatment industry today.

Industrial boiler softening water equipment features

1. High degree of automation. The automatic boiler softening water equipment automatically completes the softening and regeneration cycle according to the preset procedure. In addition to manual regeneration of the regenerated salt, no manual operation is required, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources. The automatic controller or computer automatic controller (optional) we provide allows the user to adjust the operation of the system according to changes in water quality.

2. The effluent water quality is stable. The softened water device accurately sets the program according to the local water quality and guarantees the quality of the water under any conditions.

3. Reliable operation and long service life. The exchanger housing of the soft water device is made of high-strength special FRP and composite materials. It is corrosion-resistant and anti-aging. The effective life is up to 50 years. The fully automatic control valve structure is uniquely designed. The valve core is the only moving part. These features make control. The valve is reliable and has a long service life.

4. Small footprint. The advanced process design makes the soft water device compact and the footprint is significantly reduced, saving construction investment.

5. Extremely wide use. Applicable to the softening treatment of water quality in the electronic power industry, metallurgical industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food and beverage industry, hotels, thermal stations, boiler rooms, office buildings, cold storage, shopping malls, air conditioning water and household water, for heating, Heating and gas supply, softening treatment of various boilers, used for drinking water, bathing water, reducing the hardness of raw water, used for water softening treatment of various heat exchangers such as plate type and volumetric type, used for air conditioners and refrigerators. Chilled water treatment.

The industrial boiler softening water equipment mainly uses the physical or chemical treatment technology of the first or second stage demineralized water, boiler water and steam condensed water through the boiler system, that is, the acid uniform corrosion of the water supply system is controlled by the demineralized water PH adjustment, deaerator and Oxygen control controls the oxygen corrosion of the boiler's thermal system. Chemical treatment controls fouling, corrosion, deposition and entrainment in the furnace, and condensate corrosion control prevents acid and oxygen corrosion in the steam condensate system.

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