How to choose the industrial pure water equipment that suits you?

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With the development of science and technology, the requirements for water use in various industries have been continuously improved, and the water treatment equipment industry has also developed rapidly. Industrial pure water equipment has been widely applied to all walks of life. For customers with water demand, it will not Feel strange. The role of pure water equipment in industrial production cannot be ignored. Pure water equipment can be seen in all walks of life, so how to choose industrial pure water equipment will not be pitted?

Raw water quality:
When purchasing industrial pure water equipment, customers must supply the equipment manufacturer with the water quality of the raw water and the required water quality standards, such as the source of raw water, the hardness of the water, and the purity of the required water. The technology of industrial pure water equipment is determined according to the quality of raw water, the amount of sediment is more and less, the pretreatment equipment should be increased, the hardness is high, the softening equipment should be increased, the salt content is high, and the secondary reverse osmosis technology should be selected. . If you choose an industrial water purifier that uses pure water as the water source, you only need to supply water quality and water consumption.

Water consumption:
At present, the industrial water purifiers on the market generally have a water production capacity of 250-1000 liters/hour, and the production water at 20 liters/hour is a popular model. The customer should select the size of the industrial pure water machine according to the actual water consumption. If the model with less water demand is used, the consumption of the industrial pure water machine will be very fast, and the selection specification is too large, which constitutes a waste of cost.

Water quality:
Water customers only need to provide the water application industry and water quality standards required by the time of life, the amount of water used, we will produce the pure water equipment required by customers based on the information provided by customers.

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