Notice on the Holiday of Dragon Boat Festival in 2022

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All staff:

The Holiday of The Dragon Boat Festival in 2022 is approaching. According to the national statutory holidays and the actual situation of the company, the holiday arrangement of the Dragon Boat Festival in 2022 is as follows:

1, the scope of the holiday:
All staff of Guangdong Qintaisheng Intelligent Technology Co., LTD

2, holiday time:
June 03 (Friday) to June 05 (Sunday), a total of 3 days off.

The morning of June 04 (Saturday) will be transferred to the afternoon of June 11 (Saturday) to make up the shift, and the normal working hours will be 8 hours on June 11.

3.Matters needing attention
Close doors, Windows, water, electricity and gas after work;
During the epidemic, please go out and gather less, wear masks and wash hands frequently;
If special overtime work is required for work reasons, special application shall be approved.

Guangdong Qintech Intelligent Technology Co., LTD