What are the application scope and application industries of automatic paste accessories equipment?

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Application scope:
1.PCB board paste: TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, adhesive paper, pot pieces, thermal silicone gel, shielding cover, etc
2. FPC board stickers: pressure sensitive adhesive, PI, conductive adhesive, foam, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, pot pieces, double-sided adhesive, etc
3. Display module paste: cooling graphite sheet, conductive adhesive, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, double-sided adhesive
4. Camera module: foam, conductive adhesive, high temperature adhesive, double-sided adhesive, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, etc
5. Fingerprint module: foam, conductive adhesive, high temperature adhesive, PI, double-sided adhesive, etc
6.TWS Bluetooth module: Myra, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, air filter, etc
7. Wireless charging module: double-sided adhesive, high temperature adhesive, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, etc

Automatic paste accessories equipment application industry:
Mobile phone industry
2. TWS industry
3. The TP industry
4. 4. Smart refrigerator
5. Radio charging industry
6. FPC industry

Advantages of automatic paste accessories equipment:
1. Mount accuracy ±0.05mm, can achieve mount yield ≥99.5%
2. Capacity up to 4000UPH, saving labor cost & GT; 90%
3. Suction nozzle adopts self-locking structure design, which can be exchanged quickly
4. Bad spots can be scanned to avoid waste of materials
5. Use the combination of upper and lower cameras to achieve the size of the field of vision switch

6. Independent software development, wizard operating system, intelligent operation interface

Labeling equipment

About the automatic paste accessories equipment application scope and application industry is introduced here, 

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