Standard full-automatic paste auxiliary material machine

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Today I would like to introduce you a fully automatic standard paste auxiliary material machine, which is equipped with 

Qintaisheng independent intellectual property rights of high-resolution CCD vision system, there is a top camera and a bottom 

camera, to ensure the placement accuracy and efficiency at the same time, but also support the reading of one-dimensional 

code, two-dimensionalcode; in the production process this equipment can do one thing one code to the product identification, 

connected to mes system can achieve product quality traceability.

This full-automatic standard type auxiliary material pasting machine adopts quick release NOZZLE & FEEDER, which is convenient 

for flexible and quick line change; it can be pasted with barcode, 1D code, 2D code, label paper, mylar sheet, backing, pot 

sheet, heat-conductive silicone, shielding cover, etc., pressure-sensitive adhesive, PI, conductive adhesive, foam, double-sided 

adhesive, heat dissipation graphite sheet, conductive adhesive, lens protection ring, high temperature adhesive, dust screen and 

other auxiliary materials. High precision X/Y/Z/R axes are controlled by linear motor and servo motor respectively.

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