20 tons of pure water equipment in a food industry in Shenzhen was officially put into production today.

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At the request of customers, Guangdong Qin-Tech Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. designed 20 tons of pure water 

equipment for a certain enterprise in Shenzhen. The design of this water treatment process is based on the following


1. The user's requirements for the quality of the product water and the amount of water produced;
2. Reliability of process design;
3. The simplicity of the equipment and the intelligent operation;
4. Investment and operating expenses;
5. Physical and chemical cleaning functions of the equipment;
6. Stability of water quality;
7. Reliable online monitoring means.

Pure water equipment system process requirements:
1. Raw water quality: local municipal tap water standard (conductivity ≤400us/cm)
2 effluent water quality: the conductivity of the produced water after treatment is ≤10us/cm
3 system effluent: system terminal design water production ≥ 20m3 / h

Pure water equipment features:

※ It is the main desalination device with a very high salt rejection rate and a reverse osmosis desalination rate of 


※ It not only removes salt, but also completely removes colloids, organic matter, and microorganisms in raw water.

※ Membrane separation technology eliminates the need for acid-base regeneration, low operating costs and low labor


※ It can adapt to various water sources, and the water quality is relatively stable.

※ The only by-product of the discharge – concentrated water, does not pollute the environment and completely 

meets environmental protection requirements.

※ Unique automatic control design, system operation automation, no need to be on time. Automatically complete 

membrane rinsing, automatically restore water, and automatically complete the start and stop function under certain 


※ It is very simple to configure and install various instruments and observe and record various parameters at a glance.

※ The membrane module can be operated continuously for a long time until the membrane reaches the end of its 

useful life and a new membrane is replaced.

※ Unique membrane module segmentation combination design improves water utilization, and the highest water 

utilization rate is greater than 65%.

※ Unique frame appearance structure, small footprint and beautiful appearance.

Article source: Guangdong Qin-Tech Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
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