New | ultrafiltration sterile water system + reverse osmosis direct drinking water system

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Qin Taisheng water treatment division is now the new launching a 1 ton per hour whole house water purification system, this equipment is mainly for the domestic water recycling, sewage treatment such as bathing, laundry, cooking for purified water or water direct, professional design, simple operation, can through the phone APP focuses on some of the water quality and equipment operation, it can make you rest assured to use home every drop

Technical description:

4.1 raw water quality: local tap water or well water standard (conductivity ≤600us/cm), turbidity (NTU) ≤50, COD(mg/L) ≤200, SS(mg/L) ≤100.

4.2 raw water amount: your company shall provide enough raw water ≥2t/h.

4.2 effluent quality: after treatment by the ultrafiltration system, the turbidity (NTU) of the water produced shall be ≤0.5, SS(mg/L) ≤0.5, and the removal rate of microorganisms, bacteria, e. coli and other pathogens shall be ≥99%.

The electrical conductivity of the water produced after the reverse osmosis direct drinking water system treatment is no more than 50us/cm

4.3 system water yield: the designed water yield of the system is ≥1m3/h

Ultrafiltration sterile water system can remove large molecules, colloids, proteins, particles and so on in the solution

The advantages of water treatment equipment in reverse osmosis direct drinking water system are as follows: water quality is safe and can effectively remove all kinds of harmful impurities in water quality; It has good effect on the special event of water supply. The water has good taste. Can effectively reduce the hardness of water quality, boiling water containers are not easy to scale;