Ultrapure water equipment common problems

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1. Water speed becomes slower

1. Check whether the RO membrane is blocked. If the prefilter is not changed or cleaned for a long time, the water conductivity inside the equipment will be much higher than the water quality before the raw water enters the equipment, and thus no waste water can be produced

2. Check whether there is a fault in the transformer. If there is a fault, the pump will not be able to provide the voltage required for normal pressurization, and the raw water cannot reach the pressure required for passing through the RO membrane

3. The filter element is blocked. Generally, the filter element should be replaced every 20 days

Second, the decline of water quality

1. Check whether there is a fault in the exhaust port of the water storage tank. The exhaust port is prone to be contaminated by bacteria and particulate matter brought in by colleagues from the outside world, which will contaminate the pure water in the storage tank