What is reverse osmosis pure water equipment?

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Reverse osmosis pure water equipment mainly USES reverse osmosis membrane technology.Its working principle is applied to water pressure, the water molecules and ions in the state of mineral elements by reverse osmosis membrane, and dissolved in the water for the most part of inorganic salt (including heavy metals), organic matter and bacteria, viruses cannot through the reverse osmosis membrane, so that the permeation of water and cannot penetrate through concentrated water strictly separated.

Reverse osmosis pure water equipment process

Raw water→raw water tank→raw water booster pump→quartz sand filter→activated carbon filter

→scale inhibitor loading equipment→precision filter→first stage high pressure pump→first stage reverse osmosis system

secondary high pressure pump→secondary reverse osmosis System→Pure water tank→Water supply pump→

UV sterilizer→post filter→water point.

Advantages of reverse osmosis pure water equipment

• Membrane components are world-branded to ensure membrane element quality, retention and membrane flux.
• High system recovery rate for efficient separation, purification and high concentration of materials.
• Low system energy consumption, short production cycle and low equipment operating costs can effectively reduce production costs and improve economic efficiency.
• The system has advanced process design, high degree of integration, compact structure, small floor space, and easy operation and maintenance.
• The control system can be personalized according to the user's specific requirements, combined with advanced control software, on-site centralized monitoring of important process operating parameters, to avoid manual misuse, multi-faceted to ensure long-term stable operation of the system.

Reverse osmosis pure water equipment application field

• Ultra-pure water treatment in industries such as electronics, semiconductors, printed circuit boards and integrated circuits, and precision machinery manufacturing
• Processed pure water treatment in industries such as fine chemicals, sophisticated science, and cosmetics manufacturing
• Hygienic pure water treatment in food, beverage and other industries
• Purified water treatment in pharmaceutical, medical, life science and other industries
• Wastewater treatment in industries such as metallurgy, light industry, electroplating and leather
• Low-pressure boiler feed water required softened water and demineralized pure water treatment
• desalination of seawater and brackish water