What kind of ultrapure water equipment is needed in the glass industry?

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The production process of glass is complicated and diverse. The requirements for cleaning glass water are strict. For example, optical glass, coated glass, tempered glass, light guide plate, and cleaning on the display glass must use ultrapure water. According to water requirements, some need less than 10 conductivity, and some need more than 5 megabytes. The ultra-pure water equipment for glass production is a set of equipment specially used for production water in the glass industry, which can meet the requirements of glass production water.

The ultra-pure water equipment used in the glass industry is mainly used to clean the glass. It removes the impurities from the source water through the ultra-pure water equipment to ensure that the treated water ultra-pure water has a water resistivity of 18.2 MΩ·cm. The water demand for cleaning glass, the ultra-pure water equipment for the glass industry adopts a mature, reliable, advanced and highly automated two-stage RO+EDI+ fine mixed bed demineralization treatment process to ensure that the ultrapure water produced can meet the demand for cleaning glass.

Qin Taisheng water treatment ultra-pure water equipment mainly provides ultra-pure water for glass cleaning and coated glass lens cleaning. The equipment adopts mature, reliable, advanced, high degree of automation, adopts PLC+ touch screen control, complete system automation degree, system stability high. Significant savings in labor costs and maintenance costs, high water utilization, reliable operation, and economical and reasonable. Compared with other similar products, the device has higher cost performance and equipment reliability.

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We specialize in equipment: {pure water equipment, ultrapure water equipment, water reuse equipment, sewage treatment equipment, continuous electrodeionization system (EDI), ultrafiltration system, microfiltration system, ion exchange system, membrane bioreactor (MBR)} Consumables: {Hyde reverse osmosis membrane, Dow reverse osmosis membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, dosing metering pump, resin, multi-way valve, instrument/instrument}, can customize various pure water equipment according to customer requirements .

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