Water reuse equipment

Water reuse equipment

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Device Description:

The equipment adopts a pretreatment system plus an ultrafiltration system and a reverse osmosis system to treat the wastewater produced by the production. The recovery rate of the wastewater is more than 60%, and the reverse osmosis concentrated water is further reused in the wastewater station for reuse. Due to the increased pretreatment tank of the system, the increased filtration area of the filler (quartz sand, activated carbon) ensures long-term stable operation of the back-end ultrafiltration membrane and reverse osmosis membrane.

Process flow:

Raw water → original water tank → raw water booster pump → quartz sand filter → activated carbon filter → scale inhibitor feeding equipment → security filter → ultrafiltration system → ultrafiltration backwash pump → ultrafiltration water tank → precision filter → RO High pressure pump → reverse osmosis system → pure water tank → water supply pump → water point

Equipment principle:

Reverse osmosis (RO) is the selective retention of a reverse osmosis membrane that allows only water molecules to pass through. At a pressure above the osmotic pressure of the solution, the water molecules are continuously permeable to the membrane, while the heavy metal is smaller than the pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane. Ions, organic matter, bacteria, viruses, etc. are trapped on the inlet side of the membrane to achieve

Separation and purification purposes. The entire working principle is based on physical methods, without adding any fungicides and chemicals, so chemical disguise does not occur.

Equipment advantage:

· It can efficiently perform solid-liquid separation, and separate suspended matter, colloidal substances, and microbial flora lost in biological units from purified water.

· Membrane treatment technology is the same as other filtration separation technology. During long-term operation, the membrane is blocked as a filter medium, and the membrane is gradually reduced by the running time of water. Effective backwashing and chemical cleaning can slow down the membrane flux. To maintain the effective service life of the MBR system.

Application field:

(1) Electronics industry: ultra-pure water for semiconductor industry, terminal treatment of integrated circuit cleaning water;

(2) Pharmaceutical industry: medical pure water sterilization, depyrogenation, drug concentration and separation;

(3) Food industry: concentration and clarification of fruit juice, concentration of protein, concentration of enzyme preparation;

(4) Water treatment project: preparation of mineral water, purification of drinking water;

(5) Wastewater treatment engineering; industrial wastewater treatment, municipal wastewater treatment and reuse;

(6) Textile industry: recovery of fiber processing oil agent, recovery of lanolin in wool washing wastewater;

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