Drinking water treatment equipment

Drinking water treatment equipment

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Equipment description:

Direct drinking water, also known as healthy running water, refers to the water that has no pollution, no degradation, meets the physiological needs of the human body (contains the human body's similar beneficial mineral elements), and the pH value is weak alkaline.

Mainly adopts the reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membrane device such as filtering, kill viruses and bacteria, filtered tap water in different color, odor, residual chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, ozone, bacteria, virus, heavy metals, stop the suspended particles to improve water quality, at the same time retain trace elements beneficial to human body, and ion permutoid softened water, in the final water by high-energy biochemical effect of the ceramic can quantify, mineralization, to achieve full compliance with the world health organization released directly drinking water health standards.

Technical parameters:

Production: 0.5 100 t/H

Water quality: direct drinking water

Main material: stainless steel/carbon steel

Control mode: IC/ HMI/manual

Membrane structure: roll type

Membrane shell: glass fiber/stainless steel

Membrane material: aromatic polyamide composite material

Membrane type: headneng/dow RO membrane

Price: customized

Process diagram:

Tap water → raw water tank → raw water pump → quartz sand filter → activated carbon filter → precision filter → ultrafiltration treatment system → water point → reverse osmosis high-pressure pump → reverse osmosis production tank → water point (direct drinking)

Health benefits of direct drinking water:

1. Make the body fluid show weak alkalinity and adjust the body to the best state.

2. Make reactive oxygen species harmless, ensure healthy internal environment and resist harmful factors.

3, make cell activation, ensure the normal metabolism.

4. Purify blood and remove toxins.

5, fight fatigue, maintain exuberant energy. Eliminate sub-health.

6. Regulate the balance of vegetative nervous system and ensure the lubrication of internal organs.

7, enhance disease resistance, reduce the occurrence of various diseases.

8, often drinking weak alkali direct drinking water has analgesic, sedative effect.

9. Improve allergic constitution and prevent the occurrence of immune abnormal diseases.

10. Delay aging and promote health and longevity.

Three major differences between direct drinking water and ordinary drinking water

1. Direct drinking water is clearer in appearance and better in taste than ordinary drinking water. At present, most of the residents' drinking water is mainly filtered water from waterworks. The appearance of the water looks a little cloudy, and there are even other sundries in the pipes. And the tap water in some areas still smells bad. Compared to direct drinking water, none of these problems exist.

2. Direct drinking water is rich in mineral elements, which can provide more elements needed by human body than ordinary drinking water. Therefore, long-term drinking of direct drinking water is very beneficial to human health.

3. The economic cost of direct drinking water is much lower than that of ordinary drinking water. Direct drinking machine can be recycled, its overall economic cost is lower. At the same time, direct drinking water can provide sufficient nutrients for the human body, so it improves the immunity of the human body and is very beneficial to reduce the medical expenses of the human body.

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