Mountain spring factory sand carbon pretreatment filtering

Mountain spring factory sand carbon pretreatment filtering

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Equipment description:

First, the raw water is pre-treated to improve the water quality, so as to meet the requirements, reduce and delay the membrane pollution, and extend its life. The main objects it treats are microorganisms, bacteria, colloids, organic compounds, heavy metal ions, solid particles and free chlorine in the water. To meet the requirement of water inlet of reverse osmosis device and ensure the long-term stable operation of reverse osmosis device.

Sand filtration: to remove sediment, impurities and suspended substances from the water and reduce the SDI(pollution index density) of raw water.

Carbon filtration: has a dual role, one is adsorption; The second is filtering. Filter out the chemical organics, heavy metals, chroma, odors and residual chlorine in tap water to improve the taste.

Mountain spring water treatment equipment overview:

Mountain spring equipment is usually composed of booster pump, quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, precision filter, ultrafiltration, UV ultraviolet ozone sterilizer, ozone machine, mixer, etc, the pre treatment can reduce the turbidity of raw water to below 1 ntu, completely remove the suspended solids in the water, colloid, bacteria, and organic materials to ensure a stable water rate and desalting rate of RO membrane. The host can effectively filter out the suspended substances, organic substances, bacteria, escherichia coli and other harmful substances in the mineral water, improve the transparency of mineral water, and retain various minerals beneficial to human health.

Technical description of mountain spring water equipment:

1, booster pump: mainly to increase pressure mountain spring water;

2. Quartz sand filter: mainly filter impurities and suspended substances in mountain spring water;

3. Activated carbon filter: mainly filter organic matter in mountain spring water;

4. 5U precision filter: intercepts the residual particulate matter in the front section;

5. Ultrafiltration device: it mainly filters metal ions harmful to human body in mountain spring water, and retains metal ions beneficial to human body.

6. UV sterilizer: kill bacteria in mountain spring water

7. Ozone machine and ozone mixing tower: extend the shelf life of mountain spring water.

Advantages of mountain spring water equipment:

1. Low investment cost

2. Small area

3. Simple operation

4. Simple system and excellent water quality

5. Sweet and clear taste