SMT electronic reel labelling machine

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SMT electronic reel labelling machine

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SMT electronic reel labelling machine:

Equipment for SMT factories where electronic trays need to be re-labelled with new label information after confirmation of new quantities.
The main components of SMT electronic reel automatic loading and unloading labelling machine equipment include: loading, labelling, printing and unloading in one machine.
Overall dimension: 3900(L)*2000(W)*2000(H)

SMT electronic reel labelling machine

Description of the institution:

1. transfer mechanism with the loading part of the pick-up module from the A part of the material tray

 (tray to be material area) to grab placed in the B part (counting machine station), the counting 

machine for the remaining material count material, followed by the counting machine output remaining 

material data;.
2. the loading part of the pick-up module will count the material tray placed on the waiting panning 

module at C, the top camera bottom for photo identification of the old label information;.
3. the translation mechanism moves the photographed material tray to D to apply the new label.
4. After labeling, the lowering mechanism puts the material tray into the recycling bin at E.
5. End of action, cycle action
SMT electronic tray automatic loading and unloading labeling machine bins can put three small 

(7 inches) + one large (13 inches)

After the trays at the current station are taken, the rotating platform at the bottom of the machine 

rotates 90 degrees and moves to the next station to take the material; after all four stations have 

taken the material, the machine will alarm to prompt a new material change.

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