Fine chemical ultrapure water system

Fine chemical ultrapure water system

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Device Description:

High-purity water preparation equipment, also known as ultra-pure water equipment, is a pre-treatment, reverse osmosis technology, mixed bed, EDI equipment and post-stage treatment, which removes the conductive medium in the water almost completely, and also removes the colloidal substance in the water. Gas and organic matter are removed to a very low level of water treatment equipment. High-purity water equipment is also called: ultra-pure water, ultra-pure water machine, ultra-pure water meter, ultra-pure water system, laboratory ultra-pure water, etc. The effluent resistivity can reach 18.25 megohms.

Process flow:

Raw water → original water tank → raw water booster pump → quartz sand filter → activated carbon filter → scale inhibitor feeding equipment → precision filter → first stage high pressure pump → first stage reverse osmosis system → second stage high pressure pump → second stage Osmosis system→EDIP pump→EDI system→Ultra-pure water tank→Water supply pump→UV sterilizer→post filter→water point

Equipment advantage

1. High water permeability and high salt rejection rate. ≥98% under normal conditions

2. High removal and removal of organic matter, colloids, particles, bacteria, viruses, heat sources, etc.

3. Low energy consumption, high water utilization rate, and lower operating costs than other desalination equipment.

4. The separation process has no phase change and is reliable and stable.

5. The device is small in size, easy to operate, easy to maintain, adaptable, and has a long service life.

Application field:

1. Preparation of pure water and ultrapure water in industries such as electronics, industry, medicine, food, etc.;

2. Purification and preparation water for process water/chemical circulating water and chemical product manufacturing in light textile and chemical industry;

3. Water for purification and preparation of water for food and beverage industry, drinking pure water, beverages, beer, liquor, health care products, etc.;

4. In the industrial production, the useful substance and concentration and recovery of the aqueous solution;

5. Pre-desalting treatment of high-pressure boiler feed water in boilers such as boiler feed water, thermal power boilers, mines and low-pressure boiler power systems in power industry;

6. Desalination of brackish water and seawater;

7. It can be used for the preparation of bottled water, mineral water and other filling water;

8. Water for electronics industry Washing water for electronic components such as integrated circuits, silicon wafers, and display tubes;

9. Water for the pharmaceutical industry, large infusions, injections, tablets, biochemical products, equipment cleaning, etc.;

After sales service:

· Provide home installation and commissioning

·One year free warranty

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