A1-4040 hade nano membrane

A1-4040 hade nano membrane

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ESNA membrane is a product developed by Hyde energy company with new technology, which has excellent energy saving effect. This series of nanofiltration membrane is mainly used to soften, remove pesticides and bacteria. Under standard test conditions, the desalination rate range of ESNA series is about 91-99%(see technical sheet for specific test conditions of each model).

ESNA film can also remove iron and TOC, allowing the penetration of monovalent salts such as Na and Cl, thus making it suitable for municipal drinking water system applications. Using advanced membrane technology and unique characteristics of headenergy, ESNA membrane can help the system significantly reduce operating costs and energy consumption.

ESNA1 is a standard energy - saving nanofiltration membrane element, mainly suitable for drinking water treatment. ESNA1 comes in 4 "and 8" sizes.

1. Performance parameters of esna1-4040 Hyde nanofiltration membrane:




4 inches


Desalination rate



The minimum


Water rate

2100gpd (9.7m3/d)


Film material

Aromatic polyamide composites


Roll type

Effective membrane area


Test condition


500mg/L NaCl



The temperature


The recovery rate of




* the performance parameters are obtained after the system runs steadily for 30 minutes. The actual test conditions may not be exactly the same as the above data, in which case the performance parameters are standardized data based on standard conditions. The deviation of water yield is within ±15 %.

Ii. Use and restriction of products:

Maximum operating pressure

600 psig (4.14MPa)

The largest water residual chlorine concentration

<0.1 mg/L

Maximum inlet temperature

113 °F (45 °C)

Operating pH range


Maximum inlet turbidity

1.0 NTU

The largest water SDI15


Maximum inflow

16gpm (3.6mm³/h)

Maximum pressure drop for single membrane elements

10psi (0.07MPa)

This is only a general constraint. For specific projects, more conservative operating parameters can ensure better performance and longer service life. For details, please refer to the relevant technical data of Hyde energy.

Iii. Product description:

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