Espa4-7 low pressure pure water film

Espa4-7 low pressure pure water film

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Heideren reverse osmosis be espa4-7 is developed by Heideren company. The water source is surface water and groundwater with low to medium salt content, The desalination rate can reach 99.3 percent, which can achieve the same high water flux and high desalination rate as conventional low-pressure membrane under extremely low operating pressure Operating pressure, high water yield and high desalination rate, the economic benefits are obvious.

ESPA series reverse osmosis membrane provides more options for water pump, pressure vessel, pipe and valve and other supporting equipment, Which can meet the needs of work with the use of small power motor. All these have greatly reduced equipment manufacturing cost and system operating cost, and saved a lot of energy. So that reverse osmosis desalination technology is more widely promoted and recognized.

I. performance parameters of espa4-7 Hyde energy reverse osmosis pure water membrane




8 inches


Desalination rate



The minimum


Water rate

12000gpd (45.4m3/d)


Film material

Aromatic polyamide composites


Roll type

Effective membrane area


Test condition


500mg/L NaCl



The temperature


The recovery rate of




* the performance parameters are obtained after the system runs steadily for 30 minutes. The actual test conditions may not be exactly the same as the above data, in which case the performance parameters are standardized data based on standard conditions. The deviation of water yield is within ±15 % ±15 %%.

Ii. Use and restriction of products

Maximum operating pressure

600 psig (4.14MPa)

The largest water residual chlorine concentration

<0.1 mg/L

Maximum inlet temperature

113 °F (45 °C)

Operating pH range


Maximum inlet turbidity

1.0 NTU

The largest water SDI15


Maximum inflow

85gpm (17mm³/h)

Maximum pressure drop for single membrane elements

10psi (0.07MPa)

This is only a general constraint. For specific projects, more conservative operating parameters can ensure better performance and longer service life. For details, please refer to the relevant technical data of Hyde energy.

Iii. Product description

Disclaimer: the information and data provided herein are in good faith and in lieu of any warranty. All warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby denied and excluded. The conditions and methods of use of our products are beyond our control. Hyde energy shall not be liable for the results or damages resulting from the use of this information and data. It is the responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of heidner's products for their particular use.

Iv. Maintenance skills of Hyde energy membrane espa4-7

1, the application of the head can reverse osmosis membrane ESPA4-7 water treatment system, after a period of running, some of the suspended solids in the water or refractory material can produce pollution of membrane element, so that the performance of the system down, a drop of around ten percent, serious when some scale trap material blocking of the membrane pore size, must be timely and thorough cleaning at this time. Chemical cleaning or water flushing of membrane elements can restore the service performance of the membrane, and extend the service life of the membrane, the service life of the equipment will be extended.

2. The Hyde energy reverse osmosis membrane espa4-7 system shall be flushed before it stops running, and the system shall be washed every few days after it stops running. Generally, the short-term shutdown shall be washed every five days.

3. When the espa4-7 system of heide energy reverse osmosis membrane stops running for a long time, it shall be cleaned by using an agent. Generally, the concentration of sodium bisulfite solution will be used, which can effectively prevent the reproduction of bacteria.

Hyde energy reverse osmosis membrane espa4-7 with its excellent performance, low investment and operating costs, can be used by most of the traditional brackish water desalination projects. Currently, heidergy membrane has become the preferred choice of end customers with high water yield, low energy consumption and high desalination rate in the world.