IT-5005 Flocculant

IT-5005  Flocculant

  • Product:IT-5005 Flocculant
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1. Product Feature:

IT-5005 is a strong cationic polymer flocculants products, solubility in water, pool fast degradation of organic matter in water, colloids and other pollution index. Products with less salt than in recent times, with less silt, settlement rate, low cost, but also has broad-spectrum, highly effective biocide capacity, can effective control the propagation of bacteria and algae in water and slime growth, and has the role of good sludge remover and a certain dispersion, infiltration, and to a certain oil, deodorizing ability and corrosion inhibition. Widely used in reverse osmosis pretreatment, reduce the pollution index is very special effects. Also applies to petroleum, chemical, electric power industries cooling water systems, cooling water systems to control the breeding of bacteria and algae, killing coliform is also useful for special effects.

2. Special Technology:




Brown Limpidity





Store Temperature




Freezing Point


3. Instruction for use:

IT-5005 is in reverse osmosis pretreatment dosing can be single use or combined with other inorganic coagulant used can be directly used to join or dilution, according to the required dosage to determine the level of the water pollution index, the general usage in the 1~2ppm.Circulating water used in the amount of bicide in the amount of biocide in the 10~20ppm.Maybe ask the representative of the company’s business conditions for your particular system to determine the dosing point and the dosage.

4. Package: