How to debug reverse osmosis water treatment equipment?

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As for drinking water, whether the water quality is qualified or not, reverse osmosis water treatment equipment plays a key role. For common water treatment equipment, it is hard to avoid failure after a long time. How to debug water treatment equipment correctly?Qintaisheng water treatment small make up for you to answer.

Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is divided into two parts, one part is the pretreatment of debugging, part is reverse osmosis host debugging part, and reverse wash pretreatment is mainly quartz sand, activated carbon, the tiny sand carbon and impurities rinse, control the amount of water in water, reverse osmosis host debugging is mainly to adjust water, water flow and pressure, to sum up to the points:

1. Analyze and test the inlet water of the device, and the results show that the device can only be debuged if it meets the inlet water requirements.

2. Adjust the pressure control system of the high-pressure pump.

3. Check whether the connection between all pipes of the device is perfect, whether the pressure gauge is complete, whether the low-pressure pipe connection is tight, and whether there is a shortage.

4. Fully open the pressure gauge switch and the total inlet valve, concentrated water discharge valve and water production discharge valve.

5. Start the pretreatment equipment, and adjust the water supply is greater than the total water inflow of the device.

6. Backwash and wash the sand carbon filter until the water is clear.

7. Start the high-pressure pump and slowly open the total inlet valve of the device. The total inlet pressure of the control device is less than 0.5mpa.

8. Adjust the inlet valve and concentrated water discharge valve to make the inlet pressure reach 1.0 ~ 1.4mpa.

9. Test the water conductivity of the product, open the water outlet valve and close the water outlet valve when it meets the requirements.

10. The debugging of RO device is all manual single-step cao group. Only after normal operation, can it be switched to the automatic state.

11. Start the regeneration system to see whether it works normally.

The most important thing to pay attention to in the debugging of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is to bear in mind that the outlet valve is closed and the high-pressure pump is opened, which will cause great damage. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the pipeline is in the same state before starting the pump.