Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane equipment

Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane equipment

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Equipment specification

Ultrafiltration is a kind of membrane separation process, which is based on the separation principle of sieve and driven by pressure. The filtration precision is within 0.005-0.01 microns, which can effectively remove particles, colloid, bacteria, heat source and polymer organic materials in water. It can be widely used in separation, concentration and purification of substances. Ultrafiltration process without phase transformation, operating at room temperature, especially suitable for the separation of heat-sensitive substances, and has good temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and oxidation resistance, can be in 60℃ below, pH of 2-11 conditions for long-term continuous use.

The process flow

Raw water → raw water tank → pressurized pump → multi-media filter → precision filter → hollow ultrafiltration equipment → ultrafiltration tank

Equipment advantages

· stable filtration effect: ultrafiltration water quality is only slightly affected by the fluctuation of raw water quality, which can ensure stable and consistent water quality;

· low energy consumption and high efficiency: normal temperature and pressure operation, high utilization rate of raw liquid, small waste, recovery rate of more than 95%;

· small footprint: ultrafiltration equipment is compact and can be installed in layers;

· no phase change: the ultrafiltration separation process is pure physical separation at room temperature, without chemical phase change and secondary residue;

· wide filtration range: products with different filtration accuracy from 0.002 micron to 0.1 micron can be made for different applications;

· convenient capacity expansion and installation: when the capacity needs to be expanded, only the membrane system with corresponding capacity needs to be increased.

Application field

Early industrial ultrafiltration was used in wastewater and wastewater treatment. With the development of ultrafiltration technology, the application of ultrafiltration membrane technology has a wide field, mainly including the food industry, beverage industry, dairy industry, fermentation, biological medicine, medicine, chemical, biological agents, Chinese medicine, clinical medicine, printing and dyeing wastewater, food industry wastewater treatment and recycling, and environmental engineering, etc.

After-sales service

· provide on-site installation and debugging

· the whole machine is free of charge for one year

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