12 tons reverse osmosis equipment

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12 tons reverse osmosis equipment

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Introduction to reverse osmosis

The pure water is separated from the solution containing some solute by a semi-permeable membrane that can only pass through water. At this time, the water on the pure water side will spontaneously pass through the semi-permeable membrane and enter the solution side, and the water level on the solution side will rise. This phenomenon is called infiltration. When the liquid level rises to a certain height, the pressure on both sides of the membrane reaches an equilibrium and the liquid level on the solution side no longer rises. At this time, there is a pressure difference on both sides of the membrane, which is called osmotic pressure. If a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure is applied to the solution side, the water molecules in the solution will be squeezed to the pure water side. We can see from the reverse osmosis process that, due to the pressure, the water molecules in the solution enter the pure water, the pure water increases, and the solution itself is concentrated. This equipment is used in reverse osmosis membrane is a semi-permeable spiral roll film, when the raw water at a certain pressure was sent to reverse osmosis membrane, the water through a small aperture on the membranes of the, after collecting the pure water, and the impurities in the water soluble solids, such as organic matter, colloid substances and bacteria are reverse osmosis membrane intercept, enrichment in intercepting fluid and be removed. The first-stage reverse osmosis can remove more than 97% dissolved solids in raw water, and the two-stage equipment can remove more than 99% dissolved solids, more than 99% organic compounds and colloids, and almost * bacteria. This series of RO dual-stage equipment is to use pure water into the second stage as raw water, which can make the produced pure water reach a higher quality, suitable for the production of high pure water, and also for the occasion of high raw water conductivity.

RO equipment is one of the most advanced water treatment equipment in the world. The water production capacity of this set of dual-stage reverse osmosis equipment is 10 tons/hour. The production capacity of the equipment is the value of raw water at 25℃ under standard production conditions. Changes in water temperature and production conditions will affect the production capacity of the equipment.

Reverse osmosis (RO) is to only allow the choice of water molecules through the reverse osmosis membrane intercept, under the pressure of osmotic pressure above the solution, the water molecules through the membrane continuously, and less than the reverse osmosis membrane aperture of heavy metal ions, organic matters, such as bacteria, viruses, interception on the inlet side of the membrane, so as to achieve the separation purification purposes. The whole working principle adopts physical method, without adding any fungicides and chemical substances, so there will be no chemical variation.

The process flow

Raw water → raw water booster pump → quartz sand filter → activated carbon filter → scale inhibitor feeding equipment → precision filter → first-stage high-pressure pump → first-stage reverse osmosis system → pure water tank → water supply pump → ultraviolet sterilizer → rear filter → water point

Equipment advantages

· imported reverse osmosis membrane, with high desalination rate, long service life and low operating cost;

· automatic pretreatment system is adopted to realize unmanned operation;

· imported booster pump, high efficiency and low noise, stable and reliable;

· online water quality monitoring and control, real-time monitoring of water quality changes, to ensure water safety;

· automatic electric control program, and touch screen operation is optional, making it easy to use;

· tailored to local water quality to meet all needs;

Application field

· ultra-pure water treatment for electronics, semiconductor, printed circuit board and integrated circuit, precision machinery manufacturing and other industries

· process pure water treatment for fine chemical industry, precision science, cosmetics manufacturing and other industries

· sanitary grade pure water treatment in food and beverage industries

· purified water treatment in pharmaceutical, medical and life science industries

· wastewater treatment in metallurgy, light industry, electroplating and leather industries

· softening water and desalination pure water treatment required for feed water of low-pressure boiler

· desalination of seawater and brackish water

After-sales service

· provide on-site installation and debugging

· the whole machine is free of charge for one year

About us

Qin taisheng has a professional water treatment technology research and development team and perfect after-sales service system, based on many years of industry experience, to develop water treatment equipment that meets the needs of customers, design more reasonable and scientific solutions and equipment architecture.

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