Dow RO membrane

Dow RO membrane

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Dow RO membrane characteristics:

Dow (FILMTEC) membrane element production in the U.S. alone, completely imported product from technology leader in automated production lines, no patch membrane desalination layer thicker, can be a strong inorganic acid wash, automatic component assembly technology, finished with water without inspection, real guarantee of supply globally consistent quality membrane elements are widely used in electric power, petrochemical, steel, electronics, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, municipal and environmental protection and other fields, in seawater and brackish water desalination, boiler feed water , industrial water, and electronic-grade ultra-pure water, drinking water production, wastewater treatment and special separation process plays an important role.

Dow RO membrane Specifications:

 1, applies well water membrane elements:

8 inches: BW30-365, BW30-400, BW30-365IG, BW30-400IG

4 inches: BW30-4040

 2, apply to surface water membrane elements:

8 inches: LE-400, LE-440i, HRLE-440i

4 inches: LCLE-4040

 3, suitable for seawater membrane elements:

8 inches: SW30HR-380, SW30XHR-400i, SW30XHR-440i

4 inches: SW30-4040, SW30HRLE-4040

 4, apply to waste water treatment membrane three components:

8 inches: BW30FR-365, BW30FR-400

 5, the special properties of membrane components (sanitary temperature disinfection):

8 inches: HSRO-4040-FF, HSRO-390-FF, RO-4040-FF RO-390-FF

 6, for removal of viruses, bacteria and bleaching nanofiltration membrane elements

8 inches: NF270-400, NF90-400

4 inches: NF200-4040, NF270-4040, NF90-4040