1 ton industrial pure water machine

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1 ton industrial pure water machine

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I. introduction to industrial pure water equipment

Industrial pure water equipment mainly USES the reverse osmosis process, generally is called reverse osmosis, deionized water equipment reverse osmosis is a with the aid of choice through (through) the skill of membrane to pressure as the driving force of membrane separation technology, when system and the pressure is greater than in the aqueous solution of osmotic pressure, the water molecules through the membrane unceasingly, after producing water flows into the central tube, and then out in the end the impurities in the water, such as ion, organic matters, such as bacteria, viruses, interception on the inlet side of the membrane, and then in the thick water outflow water end, so as to achieve separation and purification.

Ii. Composition of industrial pure water equipment:

Complete sets of industrial pure water equipment generally include pretreatment system, reverse osmosis device, post-treatment system, cleaning system and electrical control system. Pretreatment system generally includes raw water pump, quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, softener, precision filter and so on. Its main function is to reduce the pollution index of raw water and other impurities, such as residual chlorine, to meet the requirements of reverse osmosis inlet water. The equipment configuration of the pretreatment system should be based on the specific situation of the raw water.

Reverse osmosis deionized water equipment mainly consists of multi-stage high pressure pump, reverse osmosis membrane components, membrane shell (pressure vessel), bracket and so on. Its main function is to remove impurities in the water, so that the water meet the use requirements.

The post-treatment system is an additional configuration when reverse osmosis cannot meet the effluent requirements. It mainly includes Yin bed, Yang bed, mixed bed, sterilization, ultrafiltration, EDI and other equipment. The post-treatment system can improve the effluent quality of reverse osmosis better and make it meet the requirements of use.

The cleaning system mainly consists of cleaning water tank, cleaning water pump and precision filter. When reverse osmosis system is unable to meet the requirements of effluent, reverse osmosis cleaning is needed to restore its efficacy.

The electrical control system is used to control the normal operation of the whole reverse osmosis system. Including instrument panel, control panel, various electrical protection, electrical control cabinet.

Iv. Main USES of industrial pure water equipment:

1, manufacturing electronic industry production such as picture tube glass shell, picture tube, liquid crystal display, circuit board, computer hard disk, integrated circuit? Pure water and high pure water needed for chip, monocrystalline silicon semiconductor and other processes;

2. For heating and thermal power generation boilers, as well as medium and low pressure boilers in factories and mines, water needs to be softened and purified water needs to be demineralized;

3. Make pure water for large infusion, injection, medicine, biochemical products, hospital sterile water and artificial kidney dialysis needed by the pharmaceutical industry;

4. Make purified water, distilled water, mineral water for drinking in the beverage industry (including alcoholic drinks), alcoholic brewing water and pure water for blending;

5, seawater, brackish water for domestic and drinking water;

6. Make deionized water for electroplating process; Pure water for battery (battery) production process; Automobile, household appliances, building materials

Surface coating, cleaning muddy water; Pure water for coating glass; Desiccation and desiccation required by textile printing and dyeing process;

7. Petrochemical industry, such as chemical reaction cooling water; Pure water for chemical agents, chemical fertilizers and fine chemicals, cosmetics manufacturing process;

8. Quality water supply network system of hotels, buildings, community airport real estate and water purification of swimming pool;

9, circuit board, electroplating, electronics industry wastewater treatment and reuse;

10, life, hospital, leather, printing and dyeing, paper industry wastewater and landfill leachate treatment;

Industrial pure water machine can be used for drinking water, bottled water, food, industrial water, the semiconductor industry, fine chemical, optical industrial water, electroplating, aluminum oxide in the use of water, cosmetic skin care products production water, hand washing liquid laundry detergent production with deionized water, washing detergent, detergent DI deionized water used in industry, medicine, dialysis medical treatment in the use of water, instead of all kinds of distilled water and ultrapure water supply, etc

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