Reverse osmosis + mixed bed ultra-pure water equipment

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Reverse osmosis + mixed bed ultra-pure water equipment

  • 产品名称:Reverse osmosis + mixed bed ultra-pure water equipment
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Equipment description:

Electric deionized water system adopts the reverse osmosis + mixed bed, the use of reverse osmosis system to remove more than 99% of the impurity ions in water, reoccupy after fine processing of the mixed bed, remove residual ion in water, make water reach more than 18 Ω.

Reverse osmosis is a kind of use only allow water molecules through the choice of reverse osmosis membrane intercept, under the pressure of osmotic pressure above the solution, the water molecules through the membrane continuously, and less than the reverse osmosis membrane aperture of heavy metal ions, organic matters, such as bacteria, viruses, interception on the inlet side of the membrane, so as to achieve the separation purification purposes. The whole working principle adopts physical method, without adding any fungicides and chemical substances, so there will be no chemical variation.

Mixed bed is generally suitable for reverse osmosis back, can also be installed in the back of EDI for better effect, or directly applied to water with lower salt content. Ion exchange is a special solid adsorption process, which is carried out in electrolyte solution of ion exchange agent. For deep desalting of the mixed bed equipment, used in the manufacture of pure water, high water resistance rate of 10 to 18 m Ω, effluent PH value is close to neutral. And the effluent quality is stable, and the short time running condition changes (such as inlet water quality or composition, running velocity, etc.) have little influence on the effluent quality of mixed bed. The recovery rate was 100%.

Process flow:

Raw water to the water tank to raw water pump, quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter to scale inhibitor dosing equipment, precision filter - level of high-pressure pump - level 1 reverse osmosis system to the secondary high pressure pump, level 2 reverse osmosis system to pump of the mixed bed, mixed bed system to ultrapure water box, water pump and uv sterilizer to rear filters, water points

The perfect combination of reverse osmosis and mixed bed has the characteristics of equipment investment saving, low operation cost and convenient management and maintenance.

Equipment advantages:

· good replacement effect, long regeneration cycle and low regeneration cost.

· easy to use and manage with low operating cost.

· the equipment has good water production effect and small floor area.

· the resin can be used many times after regeneration and has a long life.


1. Softening water and pure water for industrial production, such as: electronics, electroplating, circuit board, circuit board, chemical industry, beverage, food, washing, cleaning and dyeing, etc.

2. Pretreatment and deep treatment of pure water and ultrapure water.

3. Well water and other daily water treatment.

Performance features:

1. Good replacement effect, long regeneration cycle and low regeneration cost.

2. Easy to use and manage, low operating cost.

3. The equipment has good water production and small area.

4. Resin after regeneration can be used for many times, resin life long.

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