ESPAB reverse osmosis membrane

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ESPAB reverse osmosis membrane

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High pressure pump energy consumption accounts for the highest proportion in the total energy consumption of RO water plant, energy saving has been the main direction of RO membrane technology development. ESPA® film adopts unique desalination layer structure, which can reduce operating pressure while meeting the requirements of water yield and water quality, and is suitable for applications with high efficiency and energy saving requirements.

Due to its energy-saving characteristics, ESPA ® series of products can be used for drinking water treatment, process water, municipal and industrial water reuse, etc. The ESPA® family also includes high boron removal products for the second stage of desalination systems with high boron removal requirements.

ESPAB is a high boron removal product in this series, which can produce water with lower boron concentration and meet the requirements of users.

The membrane area of ESPAB membrane element is 440 ft2 (40.9 m2), which can save about 10% membrane quantity when using the same water flux design. ESPAB is commonly used in secondary RO systems.

I. performance parameters of ESPAB pure water low pressure reverse osmosis membrane

Ii. Use and restriction of products

Iii. Product description

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