Direct drinking water facilities in schools

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Direct drinking water facilities in schools

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The direct drinking machine is an appliance that can prepare or pay warm water, hot water and/or cold water, basically meeting People's Daily needs of drinking water, making tea, making coffee, ready-to-eat food and making cold drinks.

Equipment description of direct drinking machine:

Impose certain pressure on raw water, the water molecules and ions state of mineral elements by reverse osmosis membrane (ro membrane pore size was only 0.0001 microns, and bacteria, viruses have 0.02 1 micron in diameter), dissolved in water of harmful substances (such as heavy metals, bacteria, virus) trapped removed, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying drinking water. Direct drinking machine is very convenient to use: as long as the direct drinking machine and tap water pipe network connection, can continuously produce healthy and safe drinking water.

Compared with the traditional way, the direct drinking machine has the following advantages:

1, money saving: using heat exchange technology, compared with boiled water, save more than 80% electricity, can save a year, or even several sets of money to buy a machine, 200 people can save 10,000 yuan per year drinking warm boiled water, drinking warm boiled water compared with bottled water, save 80% water costs;

2. purification: adopt ultrafiltration filter and activated carbon filtration technology to remove all bacteria, viruses and some toxins and meet the drinking water sanitation standards;

3. Direct drinking: ensure that the drinking water (including warm boiled water) is boiled water, so you can drink it without any worry;

4, quick: supply ≥95℃ boiled water and 30~45℃ warm boiled water, do not need to cool, directly drink "cool baikai ";

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