Pig farm 10 tons of water reuse equipment

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Pig farm 10 tons of water reuse equipment

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Pig farm 10 tons of water reuse equipment ultrafiltration reverse osmosis wastewater treatment equipment aquaculture wastewater treatment equipment

China's livestock and poultry industry is developing rapidly, and its wastewater volume is also increasing year by year, and pollution is increasing. Wastewater from farms generally causes pollution of groundwater, environment, soil, etc., and if discharged directly without treatment, it will cause water pollution and make the water black and smelly.

The pig farm in Guangxi also faces the same problem in the treatment of aquaculture wastewater: if the aquaculture wastewater is directly infiltrated below the surface without treatment for a long time, the pig farm wastewater is likely to damage the environmental balance, leading to deterioration of water quality and the surrounding environment. Pollution, but also can seriously reduce the quality of the soil. Causes the growth of crops to be blocked or killed.

Guangdong Qin Taisheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. successfully put into operation the pig farm aquaculture wastewater reuse and zero discharge project on June 12, 2018 with detailed design, core equipment supply, guidance installation and commissioning. The water production is in line with industrial water. Recycled water standard. It not only successfully realizes the recycling and utilization of wastewater, but also reduces the emission of carbon dioxide, and has achieved the results of environmental protection and profit harvest.

Characteristics and difficulties in recycling wastewater from pig farms:

The sewage of the pig farm mainly includes pig urine, part of pig manure and pig house washing water, which is a high-concentration organic sewage, and has a large suspended matter and ammonia nitrogen content. After the untreated sewage enters the natural water body, the suspended solids, organic matter and microbial content in the water are high, and the physical, chemical and physical community composition of the water body is changed, and the water quality is deteriorated. Sewage contains a large number of pathogenic microorganisms that will spread through water bodies or aquatic animals and plants, endangering human and animal health.

Pig factory wastewater reuse treatment project highlights:

1. The ultra-filtration + reverse osmosis membrane physical filtration method is used to treat the conductivity ≤ 2800 us / cm to ≤ 50 us / cm;

2. The recovery rate of recycled water is greatly improved, and the amount of waste liquid in the subsequent evaporation crystallization process is minimized; the investment cost is reduced;

3. It has a prominent significance in the reuse of aquaculture wastewater, and provides reference for the zero-emission treatment process of industrial wastewater;

4. The design of the system power equipment is based on the frequency conversion design. The energy consumption is fully considered in the energy consumption of the equipment, which greatly saves power consumption.

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