Electroplating water reuse equipment

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Electroplating water reuse equipment

  • 产品名称:Electroplating water reuse equipment
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Device Description:

Medium water refers to the non-potable water that can be used in various areas of life, municipality and environment after being treated to meet the specified water quality standards. Because its water quality index is lower than the water quality standard of drinking water, but it is higher than the water quality standard of the sewage that is allowed to be discharged, it is called “Waste water”. The water equipment is a new type of biochemical water treatment equipment specially developed for the reuse of industrial sewage and domestic sewage. It consists of a pre-treatment, dosing system, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis or nanofiltration to form a complete water treatment system. Domestic sewage/urban sewage/industrial wastewater is treated by deep technology to remove toxic, harmful substances, heavy metal ions and other impurities from polluted water, and then disinfected and sterilized to meet or exceed the national standards for miscellaneous water (or related regulations). For business production or resident life.

Process flow:

Raw water→waste water lifting pump→wastewater pool→booster pump→flocculation dosing system→quartz sand filter→activated carbon filter→reducing agent dosing device→security filter→UF ultrafiltration water treatment device→ultrafiltration water tank→resistance Scale dosing device→precision filter→high pressure pump→reverse osmosis system→water tank→water supply pump→water point

Equipment advantage:

· 15%-95% recovery of water in circuit boards and electroplating plants.

·The water quality is stable at 100~1500us/cm.

· Have good economic benefits and recover the cost within 1-3 years.

• Recycled water can be supplied to the pure water system or recycled directly to the production line.

· Fully automatic connection or suitable for medium water recovery without liquid.

· Long life and low maintenance costs.

Application field:

· Large-scale cooling circulating water filtration system such as power plants and chemical plants

·Oil field gas field recovery wastewater treatment

·Recycling of metal surface cleaning fluid

·Electronic manufacturing wastewater treatment and reuse

·Rolling steel emulsion waste liquid treatment

·High ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment in pharmaceutical and other industries

After sales service:

· Provide home installation and commissioning

·One year free warranty

about us:

Qin Taisheng has a professional water treatment technology research and development team and a comprehensive after-sales service system. Based on years of industry experience, we develop water treatment equipment that meets the needs of our customers, and design more reasonable and scientific solutions and equipment architecture.

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