SMT Automatic Labelling Machines

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SMT Automatic Labelling Machines

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SMT Automatic Labelling Machine Model: ATM-350LM
SMT automatic labelling machine configuration
Two placement heads.
Two Feeder
Production success stories (partial display)

SMT automatic labelling machine functions
◎ SMT automatic labeling machine is suitable for SMT industry all kinds of circuit boards that need labeling, backing and stickers
◎ SMT automatic labelling machine to improve SMT line labelling machine capacity
Â- SMT automatic labeling machine significantly reduces the operator labeling error rate
The SMT automatic labelling machine from Qintaisheng Guangdong makes the SMT production line smoother and more efficient.

 After labelling, the label information can be scanned and read realistically and docked with the MES system for feedback.

SMT automatic labelling machine hardware advantages
X/Y adopts high performance Japanese brand servo motor + screw module for higher speed and stability
Bottom vision: The Imaging Source camera from Germany is used to ensure the clarity of the head image and the compensation value 

of the head mark point.
Servo motors: Z and R axes use servo motors to ensure high speed and high precision operation of the suction head,

 ensuring speed and accuracy of the material applied.
Head vision: The Imaging Source camera is used to ensure the clarity of the head image and the compensation of the head mark points.
Nozzles: Two nozzles with quick-release construction, allowing for the replacement of different nozzles for different models

SMT automatic labelling machine technical parameters
Machine Model: ATM-350BS (Screw Motor)
PCB size: Max:350mm(L)*350mm(W)*5mm(H)
PCB flow direction: left to right
Label size: Max:45mm*30mm Min:3mm*3mm
Mounting speed Max:1.3 s/pcs, standard material test
Repeat accuracy:±0.1mm
Thickness of circuit board: 0.6~5.0mm
Width of flyer backing paper: 70mm
Number of nozzles: 2
Number of flyers: 2
Z-axis stroke: 0-30mm
Vision CCD system: 2 sets
Badmark function: Yes
MES system: special configuration (optional)
Signal interface: Standard SMEMA

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