Food Group 50T/D Pure Water System

Food Group 50T/D Pure Water System

  • Case name:Food Group 50T/D Pure Water System
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Device Description

The system adopts single-stage reverse osmosis treatment, all imported reverse osmosis membrane components, all connecting pipelines are made of 304 stainless steel material, security precision filter cartridge adopts high-precision folding filter core, automatic PLC control, fault with alarm device to ensure long-term equipment. Stable operation.

Process flow

Raw water → original water tank → raw water booster pump → quartz sand filter → activated carbon filter → scale inhibitor feeding equipment → precision filter → first stage high pressure pump → first stage reverse osmosis system → pure water tank → water supply pump → ultraviolet sterilization → Security Filter → Water Point

Equipment principle

Reverse osmosis (RO) is the selective retention of a reverse osmosis membrane that allows only water molecules to pass through. At a pressure above the osmotic pressure of the solution, water molecules are continuously permeable to the membrane, while heavy metals are smaller than the pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane. Ions, organic matter, bacteria, viruses, etc. are trapped on the water inlet side of the membrane to achieve separation and purification purposes. The entire working principle is based on physical methods, without adding any fungicides and chemicals, so chemical disguise does not occur.

Equipment advantage

·Imported reverse osmosis membrane with high salt rejection, long service life and low operating cost;
· Adopt automatic pretreatment system to realize unmanned operation;
·Imported booster pump, high efficiency, low noise, stable and reliable;
· Online water quality monitoring and control to monitor water quality changes in real time to ensure water quality safety;
· Fully automatic electronic control program, optional touch screen operation, easy to use;
· Personalized design that meets local water quality to meet all needs;

Application field

·Processing pure water treatment in industries such as fine chemicals, sophisticated science, and cosmetics manufacturing
·Purified water treatment in pharmaceutical, medical, life science and other industries
· Purification and preparation water for process water/chemical circulating water and chemical product manufacturing in textile and chemical industries;
· Water for purification and preparation of water for food and beverage industry, drinking pure water, beverages, beer, liquor, health care products, etc.;
·Community, real estate property, schools, factories, hospitals, tea houses, hotels, canteens and other enterprises and institutions with a large number of people;
· Preparation of bottled water, mineral water and other filling water;

After sales service

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