Electric heating plant 30T/H softening water system

Electric heating plant 30T/H softening water system

  • Case name:Electric heating plant 30T/H softening water system
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This set of equipment is composed of pretreatment system plus softening water system. The control system adopts remote communication and control. In the office, the pure water system of the chemical production station can be directly monitored, and the resin tank can be cleaned online to ensure the control of the raw water and the salt tank. Extend the service life of the production equipment and stabilize the water quality.

Process flow

Raw water → pressure gauge → program control valve → resin tank → salt tank → softened water storage tank → water point

Equipment principle

The softened water equipment is mainly composed of tank body, sodium type cation resin, industrial salt and multi-way valve. The softened water equipment as the name suggests is the equipment for reducing water hardness. The automatic sodium ion exchanger adopts the principle of ion exchange to remove calcium and magnesium in water. Scale ion. When the raw water containing hardness ions passes through the resin layer in the exchanger, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water are replaced with the sodium ions adsorbed by the resin, and the resin adsorbs calcium and magnesium ions and the sodium ions enter the water, so that the water flows out of the exchanger. Water is the softened water from which the hardness is removed.

Equipment advantage

The hardness of water is mainly formed and expressed by calcium and magnesium. Therefore, cation exchange resin (softener) is generally used to replace Ca2+ and Mg2+ (the main component forming scale) in water. With the increase of Ca2+ and Mg2+ in the resin, the resin The efficiency of removing Ca2+ and Mg2+ is gradually reduced. When the resin absorbs a certain amount of calcium and magnesium ions, it must be regenerated. The regeneration process is to rinse the resin layer with the brine in the salt tank, and the hardness ions on the resin are replaced, and the resin is discharged with the recycled waste liquid. The softening exchange function is restored.

Application field

· Low-pressure boiler feed water required softening water and demineralized pure water treatment
· Urban heating, washing, boiler soft water / deep well water treatment and front end treatment of reverse osmosis system.

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